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Gain a better understanding of your people’s potential strengths and areas for improvement to build more relevant and targeted development initiatives.

Assessments For Developing People

Psychometric Assessments can be used to assess and develop characteristics such as Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, which are important for a wide range of jobs. They can also help give people a better understanding of their personality and preferences, and how they can leverage on these to improve their performance at work.

Recommended Assessments


Occupational Personality Appraisal (OPA)

The OPA provides a broad perspective of a person’s personality, and is useful in discovering potential, assessing suitability as well as identifying developmental needs.

Recommended Reports: Big Five Individual Interpretive Report, Executive  Development Report.


Coping And Resilience Inventory (CARI)

The CARI is a questionnaire that measures Resilience, the ability to deal with stress and to overcome adversity.

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace Emotional Intelligence Inventory (WEII)

The WEII describes a person’s Emotional Intelligence, the ability to recognise and manage his or her emotions, as well as that of others.

Career Preferences

Career Potential Inventory (CPI)

The Career Potential Inventory (CPI) is a questionnaire designed to help people discover the most suitable career path for them based on their passion, ability, and preferred organizational culture.

Occupational Motivators (OM)

The Occupational Motivators (OM) questionnaire provides a profile of a person’s key motivations at work, which can help them make more informed career decisions.

Are you a Development Specialist?
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Are you a Development Specialist?
Contact Us and let us help you!