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Identify leadership strengths and areas for improvement to draft more comprehensive plans to unlock the full potential of your leaders.

Assessments For Cultivating Leaders

Psychometric assessments provide insights on leaders’ potential strengths and areas for improvement. iAssess assessments are used to assess leadership competencies, as well as characteristics such as Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Change Agility, and Cultural Intelligence, which are critical for success in a leadership position.

Recommended Assessments

Leadership Competencies

Occupational Personality Appraisal (OPA)

The OPA provides a broad perspective of a person’s personality, and is useful in discovering potential, assessing suitability as well as identifying developmental needs.

Recommended Reports: Big Five Individual Interpretive Report, Executive Development Report.



LEADROLES provides a perspective of individuals in terms of leadership competencies based on 16 leadership roles.


Coping And Resilience Inventory (CARI)

The CARI is a questionnaire that measures Resilience, the ability to deal with stress and to overcome adversity.

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace Emotional Intelligence Inventory (WEII)

The WEII describes a person’s Emotional Intelligence, the ability to recognise and manage his or her emotions, as well as that of others.

Cultural Intelligence

Workplace Cultural Intelligence Appraisal (WCIA)

The Workplace Cultural Intelligence Appraisal (WCIA) outlines the ability to adapt and perform effectively across different national, ethnic and organisational cultures.

Change Agility

Change Agility Profiler (CAP)

The Change Agility Profiler (CAP) measures the extent to which a person can adapt to and thrive in an environment of change.

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Are you a Coaching Specialist?
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