Training refers to standard workshops built on specific iAssess assessments, and are designed as open enrollment courses available to participants who may come from different organisations or industries.

Developing Leaders

This workshop uses profiles generated from the Occupational Personality Appraisal (OPA) to help leaders understand their individual areas of strengths and weaknesses, and how they can apply these personality test insights to become more effective leaders.

Building High Performance Teams

Gain a deeper understanding of different team types. Use the 6 team roles outlined in the MITEAM assessment to facilitate an exploration of how different members can take on complementary roles to help the team perform at its best.

Winning in Sales

Cultivate a winning mindset based around the factors in the Coping And Resilience Inventory (CARI) framework. Develop the ability to take the hard knocks in life, to persist through challenges, and to bounce back from adversities and excel to your fullest potential.

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Available on request
20 participants per workshop
Commencing March 2017