Introduction To Psychometric Assessments

Understand the basics of psychometric assessments and their use in the workplace.

Explaining Personality: The Big Five

Learn about the Big Five Model of Personality and how it manifests at work.

Using Cognitive Assessments In Talent Recruitment

A primer on Cognitive Ability Tests and their use as selection tools.

Resilience: Turning Adversities Into Opportunities

Learn about Resilience its importance in effectively managing stress and bouncing back from adversity.

Enhancing Effectiveness With Emotional Intelligence

Learn about Emotional Intelligence, the ability to effectively manage one’s own emotions and those of others, and how it affects important job outcomes.

Maximise Team Efficiency with MITEAM

Learn about the concept of Team Roles and how they work together to maximize team performance.

Optimising Team Building & Development

Understand the different factors that affect team performance and how they can be leveraged for team building and development in organisations.

Success Across Countries With Cultural Intelligence

Learn about Cultural Intelligence, the ability to adapt and perform effectively in different cultural contexts, and its importance for success in a globalized world.

Thriving In Times Of Change

Learn about Change Agility, the ability to adapt and thrive in times of change, a critical characteristic to do well in dynamic work environments.

Choose The Right Career

A short summary of key factors considerations when deciding a fitting long-term career.

Discover Your Career Directions

A deep dive into the framework of Passion, Ability, and Organisational Fit used by the Career Potential Inventory (CPI), providing additional guidance for how to apply the tool.

Discovering Workplace Motivation

A deep dive into the concept of Occupation Motivators and how they can guide our career choices.

SJT: Understand Decision Making

A brief history on Situational Judgement Tests, including research and recommended uses for them in the workplace.

Youth Resilience Report

An introduction to Resilience for youths, and how it benefits them at school and in daily life.

Youth Emotional Intelligence Report

An introduction to Emotional Intelligence for youths, and the importance of being aware and in control of their emotions.

Youth Cultural Intelligence Report

An introduction to Cultural Intelligence for youths, and how it can guide them when interacting with people from other cultures.