WHY iAssess?

iAssess was created to address the challenges that clients faced.  We aim to democratise the assessment market by bringing high quality tools to everyone via a simple-to-use subscription business model.  This effectively lowers the cost per test dramatically, and simplifies decision making by eliminating the need to agonise upfront over which test to buy and in what quantity.  Our objective of making quality assessments accessible to all, as opposed to trying to serve niche high end markets with high prices, is what makes us different.

We hope to build a thriving ecosystem comprising content experts, distribution partners and active subscribers, with each adding value in their unique ways.  Content experts help to enhance the the platform with new and better intellectual property, assessment tools, courses & workshops, certification programmes and insightful research.  Distribution partners help to establish the iAssess brand through their marketing initiatives, and provide on-the-ground sales and service support that is critical in keeping our subscribers happy.  Active users provide the assessment data and rapid feedback that will guide how the functionality of iAssess should be further developed to best meet the needs of subscribers.

iAssess is the creation of Kosh Consulting Group, a boutique firm that has established a solid track record in Singapore across the government, education and corporate sectors.  Its strong values and culture has helped it to deliver successfully many strategic high-stakes projects.  Subscribers of iAssess can take comfort in the strong parentage and backing that Kosh Consulting Group provides to iAssess, and the assurance that iAssess will be held to the same high standards of professional integrity.


Solutions is basically suggestions on how different assessments can be used together to address a specific objective.  The Solutions featured is only a guide, and is based on best practices that we have observed.  However, you are free to administer assessments as you see fit without having to follow the suggested combinations of tests.  For example, if you think that the solution for Recruiting Talent meets your needs, simply select and administer the appropriate versions of tests as shown in the Recruiting Talent Solutions segment.

No.  Not all assessments are suitable for use as selection tools.  This is because the nature of some assessments make them more susceptible to candidates attempting to provide socially desirable answers.  For selection, we recommend administering the tests shown in Recruiting Talent under the Solutions segment, and for testing to be conducted in a supervised manner.  Conversely, all the assessments can be used for people development.  Administration can be online or via iAssess Mobile, and completed at the candidate’s own time and place.  The exception to this are the cognitive tests (ACT-GR and ACT-NR), which cannot be administer via iAssess Mobile.


The OPA is not designed to replicate or compete against other established personality inventories.  Most personality questionnaires are created with specific objectives, design considerations and target usage in mind, making it difficult to compare one against the other.  Many also have markedly different developmental history that shaped the way the questionnaires have evolved.  A better approach is to evaluate the soundness of the conceptual framework that underpins the questionnaire, how the question items were developed and validated, and how useful the reports are in meeting your needs.  As the OPA continues to be improved, we intend to add more depth and range to the question items, narrative reports and validity data.

The number of questions in our assessments vary according to the number of qualities being measured, as well as the scales being generated.  In certain instances, having a larger number of questions give us more precision in our measurement, and improves the psychometric properties.  We are aware of the need to balance thoroughness with practicality, and will strive to keep the number of questions manageable without compromising on quality.

Both the ACT-GR and ACT-NR have been successfully validated against established tests that measure similar traits, and the details of these studies are reported in the Test Manuals that are available to subscribers.  We will conduct validation studies on an ongoing basis to further establish the psychometric properties of our cognitive tests.

We have and will continue to develop multiple versions of the cognitive tests, and will rotate the version that is currently in use.  In this way, we try to minimise over-exposure that may arise if a test remains in-use for too long.  The cognitive tests are NOT available on iAssess Mobile, and we recommend cognitive testing only under supervision by qualified test administrators.  By doing this, we hope to mitigate any decrease in the effectiveness of the tests over time.

The general guide for creating test norms is “as large a sample as possible”.  However we are mindful that in the real world it may not be practical to test a large number of candidates over a short period of time.  As a guide, we can explore creating test norms for a sample size of minimum 100.  This is just the starting point, and our aim should be to build the norms over time to comprise a sample of at least a few hundred.


The purpose of the iAssess Certification Workshop is to enable you to use the iAsses technology platform effectively.  It also provides you with a working knowledge of the main assessments available, so that you know how to administer the assessments and use the reports appropriately.  Completing the iAssess Certification Workshop is mandatory before subscribers are given access to login and administer assessments using their iAssess accounts.

We will create certification courses related to specific iAssess tools as the platform is built, so that interested users can sign on for these courses to better appreciate the intricacies of the questionnaires, and how they can apply them to address their needs in selection, training, reviews and coaching.  Participation in tool-centric certification is at the subscriber’s discretion, and additional charges may apply.

Certification will initially be available in Singapore, and we will run workshops whenever necessary to enable our subscribers to use the platform.  As iAssess develops, we intend to build a network of partners in key countries and cities to help us roll out certification initiatives and empower a broader use base.  eCertification programmes may also be available in the future.

Yes.  If you have a strong background in occupational psychology, human capital development or other related fields, and would like to work with us to co-develop certification workshops related to specific assessments in iAssess, please write in to us at:  info@iassessonline.com.  We are constantly on the lookout for strong content partners to help expand the intellectual property and usage around our tools, and building a thriving ecosystem of developers is one of our key focus.


We have the interest and expertise to customise workshops for clients who want to use them internally within their organisation, or to market as open enrolment programmes.  Assessment-based workshops provide a strong foundation for the content that is being taught, and anchors the training syllabus around a scientifically based framework.  Since our assessments are proprietary and not available elsewhere, it gives you a unique selling point.

Talk to us!  Tell us more about what you are doing, or intend to do in the area of assessments.  We are open to exploring all requests, from testing of a single individual all the way to conducting mass testing for hundreds of candidates at a go.  We can also undertake to establish and administer assessments in dedicated test centres, or administer them online or via iAssess Mobile.

We work with a network of qualified professionals with expertise in test design, and are confident that we can deliver high standards.  Clients can explore developing new tests or to enhance their existing test items.  This service is particularly useful for examination and certification entities in Asia looking to make their test battery more accurate and robust.


All tests are charged on a pay-per-use basis and there are specific prices for each test. Please send in your order request as shown under “How to Order” and we will respond to it on a case-by-case basis.

As our tests involve information privy to candidates, we want to ensure that the assessments are being administered correctly. Kindly follow the instructions below on how to place your order. Payment is arranged and agreed upon thereafter.

To place your order, complete the General Inquiries form here and mention in the Message field the name of the test(s) you want, the purpose of administering the test(s) as well as an estimation of the number of candidates.