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Frequently Asked Questions



How do iAssess Assessments compare with other established tests and questionnaires on the market?

Our assessments are not designed to replicate or compete against other established tests and questionnaires. Many assessments are created with specific objectives, design considerations and target usage in mind, making it difficult to compare one against the other. Many also have markedly different developmental history that shaped the way the questionnaires have evolved.

A better approach is to evaluate the soundness of the conceptual framework that underpins the questionnaire, how the question items were developed and validated, and how useful the reports are in meeting your needs. iAssess continues to evolve, we intend to add more depth and range to the question items, narrative reports and validity data.

Why do some of the questionnaires contain so many question items?

The number of questions in our assessments vary according to the number of qualities being measured, as well as the scales being generated. In certain instances, having a larger number of questions gives us more precision in our measurement, and improves the psychometric properties. We are aware of the need to balance thoroughness with practicality, and will strive to keep the number of questions manageable without compromising on quality.

How reliable and valid are iAssess assessments?

Where possible, our assessments are validated against established tests or questionnaires that measure similar traits. Details of these studies can be shared with clients upon their request. We will conduct validation studies on an ongoing basis to further establish the psychometric properties of our assessments.

How do you guard against leakage or over-exposure of cognitive test items?

We have and will continue to develop multiple versions of the cognitive tests, and are planning to eventually use computer adaptive testing to minimise minimise over-exposure that may arise.

Our cognitive tests are NOT available on the iAssess Mobile app, and we recommend cognitive testing only under supervision by qualified test administrators. By doing this, we hope to mitigate any decrease in the effectiveness of the tests over time.

What is the minimum sample size needed to generate specific norms?

The general guide for creating test norms is “as large a sample as possible”. However we are mindful that in the real world it may not be practical to test a large number of candidates over a short period of time. As a guide, test norms can be created with a sample size of minimum 100. This is just the starting point, and the aim should be to build the norms over time to comprise a sample of at least a few hundred.


Do I need to be certified to use iAssess?

The purpose of the iAssess Certification Programme is to give you the knowledge and insights to be fully qualified to use our assessments to their fullest potential. We recommend completing a Basic Certification if you intend to purchase and use our assessments.

If you are unsure whether you need to be certified, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Can interested parties work together with iAssess to create certification workshops?

Yes. If you have a strong background in occupational psychology, human capital development or other related fields, and would like to work with us to co-develop certification workshops related to specific assessments in iAssess, please write in to us at: We are constantly on the lookout for strong content partners to help expand the intellectual property and usage around our tools, and building a thriving ecosystem of developers is one of our key focuses.

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