Customer Service SJTs

Our Customer Service SJTs are specifically designed to assess candidate’s judgment for dilemmas faced in in customer facing roles. They will be assessed based on our proprietary Customer Service SJT Framework, which includes customer service competencies important across many industries.

Each SJT in the Customer Service series uses scenarios specific to a particular industry. For example, the Customer Service SJT (Hotel) uses situations that may be encountered while working at a hotel. Choose the SJT that is relevant to your specific industry!

Quick Facts

45 distinct scenarios
Takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete.
Uses simple, easily understood international English

Available Customer Service SJTs

Customer Service SJT Framework

The Customer Service SJT Framework covers 9 competencies divided into 3 distinct categories: Customer Experience, Service Effectiveness, and Employee Performance.

People who score high on all 9 competencies are likely to be more effective providing great customer service, essential skills for success in any industry.

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