Career Potential Inventory (CPI)

Discover Your Ideal Career

The Career Potential Inventory (CPI) is a questionnaire designed to help people discover the most suitable career path for them based on their passion, ability, and preferred organisational culture.

Quick Facts

138 Questions Long
Untimed, generally takes around 15 to 30 minutes to complete.
Uses simple, easily understood international English
Comprehensive framework covers most known occupations and organisations.

CPI Framework

Passion & Ability

The CPI examines Passion and Ability across 7 categories of jobs. Ideally, individuals should aim to find a career where they are both highly passionate about and highly skilled at performing.

Organisational Fit

To measure organisational fit, the CPI assesses eight factors that can reflect a person’s own personal values as well as different facets of organisational culture. 

Understanding their preferred values helps people determine what type of organisational culture is the best fit for them.

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