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MITEAM helps people identify their most preferred team roles – which describe the critical actions they take which contribute to optimal team performance. It is useful as a tool to facilitate team development and team building, but also serves as a good guide for self-awareness and personal development.


The MITEAM framework consists of six team roles that each make unique contributions to a team’s performance and functioning. Only when all six roles are present can a team operate at its fullest potential.

Quick Facts

72 Questions Long.
Untimed, Generally takes around 15-30 minutes to complete.
Uses simple, easily understood international English.
Describes both Supportive Behaviours which contribute to team performance, and Disruptive Behaviours that negatively affect team performance.
Individual and Team Profile Reports available.


White Paper

• Maximise Team Efficiency with MITEAM

• Optimising Team Building & Development

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