The Situational Decision Appraisal (SDA) is designed to highlight an individual’s situational judgement and decision making priorities when confronted with challenging work situations that have conflicting demands. It describes the individual’s inclinations based on 5 important aspects: Employer Priority, Team Work, Customer Orientation, Personal Initiative, and Risk Focus.

Primary Factors

Employer Priority

Refers to giving priority to the employer’s interests such as maintaining a good reputation, ensuring business profitability and maximising operating efficiency.

Team Work

Refers to working well with colleagues towards common goals and maintaining good relations despite differences or conflicts of interest.

Customer Orientation

Refers to giving priority to customers’ interests and needs, and ensuring that customer satisfaction comes first.

Personal Initiative

Refers to actively finding ways to improve the situation without being prompted.

Risk Focus

Refers to following established policies, rules and regulations to avoid liabilities, accidents and problems.

Quick Facts

3 versions available.

  • SDA Extended: Food & Beverage
  • SDA Extended: Hotel
  • SDA Extended: Retail

Administrative Details

Duration : There is no time limit for the SDA, although the SDA usually takes 15-30mins to complete.
Norms : Singapore general population norms
Reports : Management Report

SDA Management Reports

SDA eBrochure

SDA Manual

SDA Retail Sample Report


Test Manual is available upon request.

SDA Hotel Sample Report


SDA F&B Sample Report