The OPA provides a broad perspective of one’s personality, and is useful in discovering potential, assessing suitability as well as identifying developmental needs. Whether your goal is Recruiting Talent, Developing People, Cultivating Leaders or Building Teams, the OPA is an invaluable tool that will help you achieve these objectives.

Primary Scales

The OPA was developed based on the Five Factor Model, a well established and widely accepted framework that describes normal human personality along five broad dimensions.

OPA Five Factors


Identifies individuals who tend to be sociable, active, talkative, optimistic and affectionate. Refers to quantity and intensity of preferred interpersonal interactions.


Identifies individuals who prefer harmony and cooperation in social interactions rather than suspicion and antagonism.


Identifies individuals who actively seek and appreciate new experiences. Such individuals prefer a life with a wide variety of experiences, adventure, art, unusual ideas and being able to express their curiosity.


Identifies individuals who show discipline, aim for achievement, and act according to plans rather than spontaneity. Assesses the degree of organisation and motivation in goal-directed behaviour.

Emotional Stability

Identifies individuals who are likely to be serene, even tempered and less tense. Refers to the degree of being able to remain calm and avoid reacting emotionally to stress with anger, anxiety or depression.

Quick Facts

4 versions available.

  • OPA Profile
  • OPA Executive
  • OPA Standard
  • OPA Extended
  • 15-questions Summary
  • 45-questions Short
  • 160-questions Normal
  • 266-questions Long
  • Quick Snapshot
  • Development Profile
  • Detailed Overview
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • 5 Factors Only
  • 5 Factors 9 Sub-scales
  • 5 Factors 9 Sub-scales
  • 5 Factors 9 Sub-scales
  • Age 16 yrs & above
  • Age 16 yrs & above
  • Age 16 yrs & above
  • Age 16 yrs & above
When To Use
  • General awareness
  • Training workshops
  • Coaching & development
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Online or Mobile
  • Online or Mobile
  • Online or Mobile
  • Online or Mobile

Administrative Details

Duration : There is no time limit set for the OPA, although the OPA Profile usually takes 5 mins or less while the other versions generally take about 30-45 mins to complete.
Norms : Singapore general population norms
Reports : Profile Report; Interpretive Report; Management Report

Big 5 Reports

Competency Reports

OPA eBrochure

OPA Manual

Individual Profile Report (IPR)


Leadership Potential Report (LPR)


Test Manual is available upon request.

Individual Interpretive Report (IIR)


Executive Development Report (EDR)


Management Report