The LSP is a tool designed to help individuals be more aware of his or her learning styles, and provides a guide to chart one’s learning journey. It is useful for learners, parents, educators as well as organisations that have responsibility in directing the learning paths of others. The LSP is based on a proprietary Four Factor Framework.

Primary Scales

The LSP Four Factors:

Learning Environment

The physical learning environment in terms of noise, temperature and time of day.

Social Interaction Process

The different preferences for social interactions during learning.

Information Processing Style

Styles in processing information during learning.

Personality Style

Personality factors that affect learning.

Quick Facts

2 versions available.

  • LSP Adult
  • LSP Child
  • 75 questions
  • 55 questions
  • Detailed Assessment
  • Detailed Assessment
  • 4 Factors
  • 4 Factors
  • Age 16 yrs & above
  • 12 – 15 yrs
When To Use
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Development
  • Online or Mobile
  • Online or Mobile

Administrative Details

Duration : There is no time limit set for The LSP, although it usually takes about 10 mins to complete.
Norms : Singapore Adult PMET norms; Singapore Secondary & Primary School norms.
Reports : Profile Report; Interpretive Report.

LSP Sample Report

LSP eBrochure

LSP Manual

LSP Adult Profile Report
Test Manual is available upon request.