The Emotional Intelligence Inventory describes an individual’s ability to recognize and manage their his or her emotions, as well as that of others. This assessment can be used to enhance leadership, aid sales effectiveness and recruit potential talents.

Primary Factors

Self Awareness

Refers to understanding one’s own emotional states, beliefs, agendas, strengths and weaknesses, as well as embracing failures and obstacles.

Self Management

Refers to the ability to exercise control over one’s inner state, emotions and impulses, while taking action to improve their personal situation.

Social Awareness

Refers to the ability to understand the social situation one is in, the inner states of others, one’s impact on others, and what one can do to change the social situation.

Social Management

Refers to the ability to manage relationships with other people, develop the potential of others and getting them to work together to achieve a common goal.

Quick Facts

2 versions available.

  • Workplace Emotional Intelligence Inventory (WEII)
  • Youth Emotional intelligence Inventory (YEII)

Administrative Details

Duration : There is no time limit for the WEII or YEII, although it usually takes 15-30mins to complete.
Norms : Singapore adult population norms; Singapore teenager norms
Reports : Individual Interpretive Report

WEII and YEII Sample Reports

WEII and YEII eBrochures

WEII and YEII Manual

WEII Individual Interpretive Report


WEII Individual eBrochure


Test Manual is available upon request.

YEII Individual Interpretive Report


YEII Individual eBrochure