The Career Potential Inventory (CPI) is designed to help better evaluate future career directions across different contexts, cultures and ages. It provides a comprehensive review of an individual’s preferences in terms of three key areas – Passion, Cultural Fit and Vocational Ability.

Primary Factors


Refers to the type of work that we want to do in an ideal situation. The CPI has 7 categories of passion that gives us a guide on what types of careers will provide deep and lasting satisfaction for us.

Vocational Ability

Refers to how well we perceive ourselves being able to perform what we are passionate in. Competency determines if our passion is viable as a long-term career or not.

Cultural Fit

Refers to the organisational culture that fits us. The CPI recognises 8 cultural aspects to take heed of when searching for an employer which we can work happily at for a long period of time.

Quick Facts

1 version available.

  • CPI Extended – Adult Version

Administrative Details

Duration : There is no time limit for the CPI, although the CPI usually takes 15-30mins to complete.
Norms : Singapore adult population norms
Reports : Individual Interpretive Report

CPI Sample Reports

CPI eBrochure

CPI Manual

CPI Extended Individual Interpretive Report


Test Manual is available upon request.