Recruit top candidates and unleash their full potential with our low-cost, easy-to-use Talent Assessment solution.

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How iAssess Helps You

Recruit The Best People

Selecting top talent requires a fair and balanced perspective of their abilities.

Eliminate bias in your hiring process through an objective measure of your candidates’ fit and competencies.

Maximise Employee Potential

Need some direction for professional development and training programs?

Apply scientifically based assessments to uncover your employees’ strengths and areas for improvement.

Discover Your Future Leaders

How do you identify and groom high potentials and prepare them to be future leaders?

Leadership assessments can be used to evaluate if they possess the necessary characteristics and competencies to be good leaders.

What Makes iAssess Different

Carefully Crafted Talent Assessments

Get to know your candidates beyond their paper qualifications with our suite of scientifically based and simple to use talent assessments, including their personality, resilience, and more.

Unique Situational Judgment Tests

Assess decision making skills using realistic workplace scenarios, ensuring that your candidates can make good judgments in challenging situations.

Proprietary HR Tech Platform

Enjoy a comprehensive, easy-to-use HR software platform. Compare candidates, analyse their strengths, and gain development insights quickly and automatically all in one hub.

Flexible Certification Programme

Learn how to apply talent assessments and interpret reports more effectively through our simple and flexible online certification programmes.

Contact us for free trial today.